Lee Dixson, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for MDW Associates, was selected as the Contractor of the Year at the annual MDA Awards Ceremony on August 1,2013.  Lee was selected for his outstanding support to the Director for Business Operations and the Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer of the Missile Defense Agency.

 The period from the submission of the President’s Budget for 2013 (February 2012) to the submission of the President’s Budget for 2014 (April 2013) was on the most tumultuous in the history of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).  Lee was critical to the introduction of a new POM process for POM 2014, overseeing the development of individual program and integrated 1-N lists that the MDA leadership used to adjudicate all key budget decisions.  He was responsible for developing briefings that were used at the highest levels of leadership with the Department of Defense including the Missile Defense Executive Board (MDEB), chaired by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, and the Deputy’s Management Action Group (DMAG), chaired by the Deputy Secretary of Defense.  The budget process was widely acknowledged by MDA leadership to the most efficient they had seen at the Agency.

 Lee was also at the forefront of an effort to determine the impact of the Sequestration on MDA.  He provided outstanding leadership to a small group of analysts that developed the Agency’s response to the sequester while simultaneously developing mitigating strategies in the event ongoing budget deliberations failed to forestall the sequester impact.  He also showed skill and leadership when the entire sequester plan needed revision based on late-breaking guidance from the Office of Management and Budget.  His knowledge of these areas, particularly as they pertain to MDA, was vital in developing options to address the potential uncertainty of sequestration. 

 There are over 3000 contractors supporting the Missile Defense Agency worldwide, sixty three of whom were nominated for this prestigious award.  Lee’s selection as the most outstanding of these contractors is a testimony to the achievements and success he has had in over 12 years of support to MDA.  His budgetary leadership and expertise have been a fundamental part of the success of both MDW Associates and the entire Agency.