Community Involvement is a Corporate Responsibility

The nature of our business is a social one. Fostering good relationships with our clients, peers and employees is a responsibility we partially carry out through:

  • Strategic charitable giving;
  • Contributing to the body of work our peers and employees rely on;
  • Fully understanding the issues effecting our customers, partners, and employees.

An enduring commitment to employees, the environment and our communities

Our workforce represents a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives. We believe this is not only our greatest strength as a company, but also a powerful force for creating change in our communities.

Supporting Community involvement is good business. We all have an obligation to act in the greater good for the community and society we live in. As a small company our efforts may begin small, but it can be expected of us that as we grow so will the breadth and depth of our philanthropy.

Here are some highlights of our group and individual employee’s involvement:

  • Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation: mobilizes people and resources to provide access to high quality care and leads research for a cure so people with pulmonary fibrosis will live longer, healthier lives.
  • Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund: supports programs that create awareness about breast cancer, and to purchase diagnostic equipment for Huntsville Hospital’s Breast Centers.
    • In 2018 MDW sponsored any employee and their partner’s participation in the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run.
  • Together Rising: exists to alleviate critical, urgent needs of women and families who have nowhere else to turn, and to create a community of committed, impassioned givers.
  • Kidsave International: advocates for and finds homes for older children living in foster care or orphanages both in the US and abroad.
  • Camp Seale Harris: supporting Children with Diabetes

If you have ideas for how MDW Associates and its employees can further give back to the community please contact us at