Founded in 2012, MDW is a small business with the goal or providing top quality and reliable support to our Federal Government clients. MDW is headquartered in McLean, Virginia and has employees supporting the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and Huntsville, Alabama. MDW’s core capabilities include Strategic Planning, Cost Estimating, Budget Programming and Justification, Budget Execution, Acquisition Management and Financial Systems Support and Integration.

MDW has two ongoing subcontracts that provide support to the MDA demonstrating our technical capability in two of our proposed functional areas, Program Support (3.20) and Information Systems (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support (3.12).  MDW has signed teaming agreements with the aforementioned four companies to complement MDW’s own core capabilities and also expand the MDW Team’s capabilities into the areas of Engineering, Systems Engineering and Process Engineering Support (3.2) and Modeling and Simulation and Analysis Support (3.3).

SOW 3.12 Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

Under HQ0147-10-D-0020 (Subcontract MiDAESS-2012.0020.012 Task Order # 2751-13-MDW-04), MDW provides development, maintenance, training and helpdesk support for financial information systems and databases at the MDA.  This support includes analysis, monitoring, communication and reports development to support the effective implementation, utilization and sustainment of MDA business systems.  MDW assists in the integration of MDA financial system databases and systems to maximize and integrate centralized controls and decentralized operations through continual process improvement.  We also develop and implement a fully integrated business systems strategy that optimizes capability and improves financial data reporting capabilities through requirements analysis, business process reengineering, solution design, testing, integration, workforce preparation and training.  MDW provides assistance for the sustainment of business operations using the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) and Oracle Federal Financials Applications as well as the resolution of internal MDA financial integration issues with other financial systems such as Computerized Accounts Payable System (CAPS), Defense Civilian Pay System (DCPS), Defense Integrated Financial System (DIFS), Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS), Defense Travel System (DTS), Electronic Data Access (EDA), Program Budget Account Systems (PBAS), Standard Operations and Maintenance Army Research and Development Systems (SOMARDS), Standard Procurement System (SPS) and Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).  Under this contract MDW also provides Helpdesk resolution and training as well as system development and maintenance for both current and legacy systems at MDA.

SOW 3.20 Program Support

Under HQ0147-10-D-0020 (Sub contact MiDAESS-2012.0020.012 Task Order # DOB02-MDW-01) MDW applies strategic planning, business, financial management and technical disciplines to support program acquisition.  The strategic planning process developed by MDW, used to support the Director of Operations and Comptroller of MDA, applies business, financial management and technical disciplines to acquisition programs thereby delivering missile defense capabilities to the Warfighter.  MDW develops program funding alternatives based on the MDA Director’s guidance and turns the alternatives into an executable budget based on the Director’s decisions. This includes providing and using the tools necessary to support high level decision making. MDW works closely with MDA’s leadership to assess program options and trade-offs, balance multiple budget alternatives and quickly respond to high-priority tasks from OSD and other external stakeholders. MDW has created an efficient and well-organized cell of dedicated MDA-recognized experts to provide trusted and essential “one minute” response time to the Agency.

The support MDW provides encompasses the MDA’s headquarters and its individual programs, and can be broadly characterized with the following steps:

  • Translation of strategic goals into resource decisions, leading to a budget;
  • Tracking of all budget decisions to ensure funding changes are based technical rationale and consistent with acquisition objectives;
  • Development of budget documentation to explain and justify the budget, including budget briefings for the Secretary of Defense’s Deputies Management Action Group (DMAG), the 3-Star Programmers, the Missile Defense Executive Board (MDEB), the Service Boards of Directors, and the MDA Budget Overview;
  • Defense of the budget submissions as it is reviewed by Congressional committees, including budget sections to the Director’s prepared Congressional testimony;
  • Execution of an appropriated budget, including monitoring funding obligation and expenditures;
  • Implementation of budget changes, either as a result of fact-of-life adjustment or other external guidance, to include Above Threshold Reprogramming (ATR) and Below Threshold Reprogramming (BTR) requests; and
  • Maintenance of a budget database to ensure all traceability of Agency budget.