MDW SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

MDW has a set of processes that are applied during the life cycle of a task order to ensure quality support is provided consistent with the task order requirements.  The MDW Quality Assurance Program follows the same basic principles and procedures for all task orders:

  • Assemble a quality team with the right skill mix
  • Establish quality measurements
  • Evaluate performance
    • Peer Reviews
    • Process Audits
    • Sub-contractor Audits
    • Customer Surveys
  • Recommend corrective and preventative actions in a timely manner
  • Verify implementation of corrective actions
  • Document results

This is a process that continues on a daily basis throughout the life of any task order.  Review and analysis of quality is a vital to MDW’s ability to provide high quality support in a timely and efficient manner to our valued government clients.  Additionally, review of the processes that measure quality and ensuring their effectiveness is equally important.  Our plans and processes are designed to review both our performance and how we measure and grade that performance.  All of MDW management and staff are committed to this approach and its role in delivering high quality products and services to our customers.