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MDW Associates assist clients’ efforts to define, develop and implement strategies for the preparation of their budgets and decision support on how best to allocate their resources to implement the strategy.

The business of strategic planning has become complicated and filled with useless jargon as groups try to differentiate why their strategic planning is better than a competitor’s. In our opinion, these criteria shouldn’t have to stray too far from common sense.

1. Have specific experience in planning as well as execution. Successful strategic planning should not be seen as a product in and of itself, but as a means to execute higher level strategic objectives. Following execution, the development and implementation of the strategy should be reviewed and the lessons learned from specific experience in that unique situation should be applied to the following planning cycle.
2. Be a good listener, no matter where we are in the cycle. “Make it the same as last year, but better.” This is actual guidance we have received, and it is actually pretty good guidance if you understand the process and the client’s intentions.
3. Expect to adapt as things will change. A good plan is a flexible one. It takes talent to stop mid-action and revise the objectives, the development methodologies, the coordination requirements, etc. without impacting the timeline or the higher order strategic objectives. This adaptability is a core talent of MDW Associates.

Download the reference guide: MDW Capabilities – Strategic Planning

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