Missile Launch from a ShipMDW Associates delivers a full range of integrated enterprise and financial systems management support. These systems and the support provided enable informed and timely decision making and preserves and promotes good stewardship of public funds. Support of these business systems are required to Plan, Program, Budget and Execute (PPBE) the resources assigned in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures and strategic objectives ensuring timely accomplishment of objectives in an effective, responsive and mission focused manner.  This support includes effective implementation and utilization of business systems, helpdesk support and enables quality system development, maintenance, and integration.

MDW combines people, process, technology and content into a single integrated system to provide reliable, verifiable, neutral and faithful information to decision makers and provide an auditable record for historical traceability.

  • People – systems thinkers with relevant experience
  • Process – proven and adaptable to changing circumstance
  • Technology – modern tools requiring little start-up
  • Content – using the people, processes and technology to ensure reliable useful content

Contact us at info@mdw-associates.com or (571) 205-3959 and let’s get started.