Coastal Missile LaunchUsing detailed program knowledge, proven cost management techniques and sound fiscal discipline MDW Associates assist the client with all phases of budget formulation, planning, documentation and justification. This includes maintaining an historical record of prior submissions and the strategy used to defend those budgets to OSD and the Congress.

The DoD’s Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) Process has proven successful enough to be accepted within the idiom of Congress and other Executive Departments. PPBE is a milestone driven system of strategic planning, program development and resource determination which enables the execution of National Security Strategy  with limited resources. It is framed within a strictly regulated high-oversight environment. Once Congress marks-up and approves a budget, its objectives becomes a legal requirement.

MDW Associates assists its clients in the examination of alternative strategies, analysis of changing conditions and trends, exploration of requirements and their prioritization, the implications of multi-year resources and the balancing and integrating of inputs from competing programs.

MDW Associates also assists with the formulation, justification, execution, and control of the budget. These steps are required to evaluate the cost estimating process, balance the checkbook and ensure resources are assigned efficiently and accomplish all stated objectives.


  • Budget Justification documents
  • OSD/Congressional budget briefs
  • Budget Overviews/Summaries
  • Execution year program adjustments
  • Cost, schedule and performance assessment
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