Missile Launch from a ShipBudget Execution ensures the financial resources made available to an agency are directed and controlled toward achieving the purposes and objectives of the requesting agency. This is where Strategic Planning, Budgetary Programming and Cost Estimating meet the reality of Acquisition Management within the Financial System.

Some of the activities performed to facilitate the obligation of funds by the Federal Government include:

  • Track the submitted budget through the Congressional and Executive branch processes
  • Develop plans for execution under a Continuing Resolution
  • Facilitate and coordinate the transition from Budget Planning to Execution by adjusting the financial system for Continuing Resolution(s) or Congressional Marks and Department withholds
  • Ensure the alignment of monthly spend plans to actual appropriations
  • Prepare Reprogramming actions and facilitate communication with the Department on Above Threshold Reprogramming
  • Track Below Threshold Reprogramming actions including fact of life adjustments through decision cycle and implementation
  • Financial reviews to track execution status and ensure agency goals and objectives are met and that budget authority is not exceeded.

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