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Acquisition management is getting people together to buy goods and services using limited resources  in a regulatory controlled environment.  There are five simultaneously enacted functions used to accomplish acquisition goals:

  • Plan: whether strategic or tactical, planning is another word for forethought and it must always have a purpose i.e., the achievement of a specific goal
  • Organize: this provides efficiency and effectiveness of execution as well as measurability of success; organizing a complex mission or single task into relatable blocks is a form of communication
  • Staff: even in the tightest labor market, there’s no organization to lead without well-trained  and empowered persons to execute the plan
  • Lead or Direct: organizing people to a common goal though direct communication and knowledge of culture and ethos (e.g., providing the best value to the taxpayers)
  • Control: Predict areas of error and measure performance against standards


MDW Associates offers Acquisition Management support with integrity, respect and humility. We assist our clients by:

  • Providing integrated analytical support on acquisition resources and long-range investment planning
  • Providing customer-focused services to key leaders on legislative activities
  • Assisting in the development of policy and procedures to meet the goals of the Department’s Business Transformation efforts
  • Ensuring reliable implementation of enterprise acquisition systems and the management of information technology assets.

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