The founders of MDW Associates have on average more than 20 years of experience and more than a decade each of relevant Department of Defense experience. We have assembled a professional team with many years of experience in critical support areas such as:

Strategic Planning – MDW Associates assist clients’ efforts to define, develop and implement strategies for the preparation of their budgets and decision support on how best to allocate their resources to implement the strategy.

Cost Estimating – MDW Associates ensure that decision makers not only understand the numbers but also the risks they are assuming in those numbers. A comprehensive view from strategy to execution requires a team of engaged problem solvers who can move quickly and possess the tools and intelligence to accomplish the client’s mission.

Budget Programming & Justification – Using detailed program knowledge, proven cost management techniques and sound fiscal discipline MDW Associates assist the client with all phases of budget formulation, planning, documentation and justification.

Budget Execution – Budget Execution ensures the financial resources made available to an agency are directed and controlled toward achieving the purposes and objectives of the requesting agency.

Acquisition Management – Acquisition management is getting people together to buy goods and services using limited resources  in a regulatory controlled environment.

Enterprise and Financial Systems Support & Integration – MDW combines people, process, technology and content into a single integrated system to provide reliable, verifiable, neutral and faithful information to decision makers and provide an auditable record for historical traceability.