Our mission is to make our clients more successful by providing honest assessments, exceptional analysis, prudent advice, direct communication and hard work. MDW is its people. The mission begins by matching the best candidates to the right carreer opportunities. But the first step is yours…

1. Application Submittal

You can click here to see a list of our current opportunities. If apply for an opening you will receive a confirmation e-mail if your information is submitted in our Applicant Tracking System correctly. You can also click here to see a general overview of the types of positions we typically seek to fill.

2. Preliminary Screening

A member of our staff who understands the particular requirements of the job opportunity and our client will review the qualifications of all candidates and forward the most qualified to the hiring manager. The hiring manager then selects candidates for screening or interview scheduling. If not selected for a current opening, your resume may still be added to our confidential Talent Pool for future review.

3. Additional Screening & Interview Scheduling

A member of our staff or a representative may call or e-mail you to request additional information and/or possibly schedule and interview. Be prepared to explain any ambiguities in your resume and to discuss your availability for interviews and salary requirements. Also, make sure you ask any pre-interview questions you might have about MDW at this time.

4. Interviews

As a small company, interviews are typically scheduled with the hiring manager or a principal of our company. Here’s your chance to share your detailed technical knowledge and provide insight into what makes you a reliable and dependable part of our mission. The individual conducting the interview will be reviewing your skill-set against not only the given opportunity but any others we may have open at the time. Occasionally, additional interviews are required to ensure a proper fit. During these intrerviews

5. Background Checks

Any potential offer or interest is contingent on the successful results from required background checks. These may include employment and educational history, references as well as citizenship and security status if required by contract. MDW is an equal opportunity employer, see below for our policy.

6. Offer

If selected for hire, an HR representative will provide you with an offer letter which includes your salary and a summary of benefits. It is expected that you would respond with your decision within a week. All offers are contingent upon the successful results of background checks.

7. Onboarding

If you accept the offer, an HR representative provide you with an Onboarding package. This package will include the paperwork necessary to sign you up for your benefits. The hiring manager will discuss with you an appropriate start date and any specifics not answered during the interview cycle.

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MDW Associates, LLC (“MDW”) is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, covered veteran status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy or any other unlawful basis unrelated to the ability to do the job. MDW seeks to employ talented, ethical and entrepreneurial-minded persons. Our applicants and employees are protected from discrimination as required by Federal law.