Sea-Based X-Band RadarOur Mission…

…is to make our clients more successful by providing honest assessments, exceptional analysis, prudent advice, direct communication and hard work.

Our Vision…

…is to be the premier provider of Leverage Support to achieve client missions and policy goals.

Our Values

A great many values guide our daily lives, but we choose to emphasize the following three in the conduct of out professional efforts.

Integrity, without which we fail to establish the foundation for our business.

Respect for our employees, our clients, our competitors, and our families.

Humility, regardless of the success we may experience, our clients and our clients’ concerns are paramount.

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Tim Wilde,  President & CEO: (410) 935-6636

Brad Walker, Vice-President & COO: (240) 383-5636

Lee Dixson, Vice-President & CFO: (571) 205-5637

Scott Phillips, Vice President, Information Systems: (256) 527-1783

Mark Pomeroy, Director of Operations: (703) 929-8066

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